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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer any questions you have.


Technical questions

  • How Long does it take to set up, do you need a soundcheck?  When playing live for your event we will need 90 minutes before your event to soundtrack with your Soundsystem. This makes sure we can give you the best possible performance that sounds good for you and for us. However we do understand that some events are on a tight schedule so let us know and we can adapt! 

  • What is your remote recording set up?  We As a section we all have condenser mics, and access to home studios. Mic wise Jonny uses an Aston Spirit, Joe and Jasper both use an AKG 214. All mixed and mastered through Logic Pro X. Parts written through Sibelius 6.


Performance questions

  • How long do you perform for?  This will depend on what you are booking us for. If it is a performance with an artist we will of course play for the length of time that the artist and band intend on doing. If you book our 'HJ x DJ' package, the horns come in and out, interacting with each other and the crowd whilst the DJ is playing. Our performance usually lasts around 90 minutes, unless you request otherwise. 

  •  Do you read music and can you write out charts if needed?  Yes we do read music and can write out charts too! We often write out charts for artist work and (for a price) can provide these charts to whoever needs them.


Booking questions

  • How do I book you?   To book us, please email us at or fill out the contact form on the 'Contact' section of this website. We will be very happy to chat to you there and answer any questions that you may have. 

  • What are your fees?  This all depends on what you would like us for. If you are booking us as a horn section for an artist or recording then this is something that we would discuss over email. If you are booking the 'HJ x DJ' package we have a price list that you are more than welcome to request. 

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